World Cup Brussels 2018 of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao

For every event to be exceptional, it is necessary to be surrounded by partners who believe in your project and who invest in it by all possible means.

  Our Association is privileged to have found enthusiastic partners who share and support our values ​​of respect, self-reliance, solidarity, tolerance, passion and dynamism. Today, we warmly thank the Brussels-Capital Region, the Cabinet of the Minister of Sports Madrane, Colas, Spa, VisitBrussels, Hoa Zen and Volkswagen. It is thanks to their investment and their daily encouragement that the event can grow every day.

Our current partners are our pillars because they allow us to organize the event but they also ensure that every competitor, every practitioner, every spectator can live an unforgettable moment on July 28th and 29th.

Thank you to everyone who decided to embark on the adventure with us!


Do you like sports? And especially the martial arts? Or does it question you? Would you like to help us and have your beautiful logo on our brand new website and beautiful posters? Contact without delay Jennifer Cano (Fundraising@vvnvvd.be) and be part of an extraordinary adventure!

Any help is welcome, be it logistical, material, financial, ... We are convinced that everyone can make this event even more beautiful than it is now.

It is obvious that if you embark on this exciting and unique adventure, you will be thanked in many ways. You can expect some visibility but maybe even be part of our "unique privileged Partners". A question now arises:

Will you be our privileged partner of tomorrow?